Sutures poking out 3 months after TT.

Hi my name is Salma, i'm 3month tt post op, i have 4 sutures poking out, 3 days ago one of them became inflammed, red and very painful then it started draining some pus, i went to my ps, he told me all the sutures are dissolvable, and he just clipped on of them and said that the remaining 3 will dissolve by themselve. is this true? i have been reading some of the literature that says that onces the suture is poking out it will never dissolve because of lack of moisture? Please help

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Suture issues

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Absorbable sutures all dissolve over time...usually around 3 months, but they may stay for longer in certain individuals.  When they emerge at the surface...spitting, they are easily treated by cutting them out (using a tweezer and small scissors).  You may apply bacitracin to keep them moistened as they do not dissolve when kept dry.  Contact your Plastic Surgeon so they may assist you.
Best of luck.
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Sutures poking out

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Thank you for the question.Your research is correct, absorbable sutures will break down only if they are bathed in tissue fluid. The sutures break down by hydrolysis which only happens if the sutures are under the skin. If the suture has spit, or is sticking out, the suture can be removed with a scissor and tweezer. Your surgeon can easily take care of this for you. Good luck

TT sutures

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Thank you for your question. If the doctor used dissolvable sutures then they will indeed dissolve over time. Sometimes they can poke out and if it bothers you then all the surgeon needs to do is clip them. I would keep an eye on the irritation to prevent infection from occurring. Keep the area clean at all times and if at any point it looks worse, you develop a fever or the skin is hot to touch, then contact your surgeon immediately, as these are signs of infection and its best if your surgeon can treat it early before other complications arise. 
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Dissolvable stitches

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If your plastic surgeon used only dissolvable stitches, then they will definitely dissolve at some point.  At three months, they should have dissolved by now, but depending on the type of dissolvable suture, some can last longer.  Give it some more time, and if you're still very bothered by these areas, revisit your plastic surgeon and again requested for him to remove them.
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Spitting sutures are not unusual

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"spitting" sutures are not unusual and their treatment is as already described. in the end, you should heal just fine, just will take a little bit longer. dont worry and return to your surgeon if any problems aren't responding to your care at home.

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