Can a Birth Mark in Head (Without Hair) Grows More with the Time

Can a Birth Mark in Head (Without Hair) Grows More with the Time

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Scalp Birthmarks

Typically birthmarks grow in proportion to body growth. Some of these are premalignant and can eventually turn into a skin cancer . For example  Nevus sebaceous is a hairless birthmark often found on the scalp and always should be removed to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Birthmark growth

Hi Alma,

It is normal for birthmarks to grow as a child grows. Usually they stay the same size relative to the child, but that does mean that they get bigger.

There are many different types of birthmarks and they can behave differently. Some birthmarks can develop tumours, which will make them grow larger, but this is uncommon. A photograph of the birthmark you are asking about, along with details of who you are asking about (are they a baby, child or adult?) will assist you in receiving information that is relevant to you. Alternatively your local doctor may be able to answer your query, or refer you to a specialist who can give you advice.

Good luck!


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