Can I use rogaine even though I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp?

I'm 20yr old male and I have been experiencing hair loss from dermatitis. I am under treatment from my doctor and soon will be visiting a dermatologist. I was wondering would I be able to use Rogaine for men for my condition? Would it make my hair better or could it damage my hair? Does Rogaine actually work as well? Or do you consider something else that may have a better effect? Thanks for your time.

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Rogaine and seborrheic dermatitis

you can use rogaine for men 5% on your scalp even with the seborrheic dermatitis. It does not contain propylene glycol which may cause irritation.  It will not damage your hair, but when starting minoxidil you may experience an initial shedding as the hairs are synchronized, which is normal. You should be treating the seborrheic dermatitis with medicated shampoos as directed by a dermatologist. You can also have a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon to discuss your hair loss as well. 

West Hollywood Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Rogaine treatment

Yes you can,but it is better to use first a shampoo with ketoconazol to reduce the seborrheic dermatitis in combination with the rogaine foam preparation at 5%. The lotion will be too greasy for you. 

Sara Salas, MD
Mexico Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Yes, you can use Rogaine with seborrheic dermatitis although it my dry your scalp a bit more making your condition worse

William Rassman, MD
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Using rogaine in seborrheic dermatitis

yes, you can use rogaine even though you have a seborrheic dermatitis.But it is better to use it after cleaning the scalp well. it will not damage your hair

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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