Will my lip look normal after mucocele removal surgery or will it look ugly due to cuts and stitches?

I am going to do mucocele removal sugery of my lower lip..........does my lip look normal after surgery or it look ugly due to cuts and stiches

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Most mucoceles can be removed in the office under local.  Without pictures I can't comment on your situation, but I have not had a patient complain about scars on the lips in the part where mucoceles form.

Best of luck,

Dr Rodman

Mucocele on lip

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Without photos and a thorough exam it's difficult to say how complex the procedure would be. However, in general, the lip tends to heal very well. Surgical technique and skill will play a role in your final outcome.  Facial plastic surgery maneuvers can reduce the appearance of a scar if necessary. Good luck!

Justin Cohen, MD
Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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