When will crusting of the skin will start after fraxel repair?

I did fraxel repair for my acne scars 2 days ago. Exactly 22/11/2016. When I woke up today and when looked into the mirror. The scab was partially gone. After that in the afternoon I jus touched it and the remaing scab flakes off. I am really worried that it is really red and that part is little pitted now.. Its like a small vacant place there. I want to know that does this will improve? Before it was flat. It became a little hole like in my face. I am really worried.. Need ur help

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Fraxel and indent scar

It is unknown that Fraxel may leave indent scar. If you are concerned about potential scarring, make a follow up appointment with your provider. After Fraxel laser you may expect scabs and peeling for few weeks. It is important to moisturize your skin and use sunscreen with high SPF. Good luck!

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When will crusting of the skin will start after fraxel repair?

Thanks for your query. The amount of crusting depends upon the strength at which the fraxel is performed. It is absolutely okay to not have much scab. You can apply hyalugel on the scabs which can lead it to heal faster. Just apply moisturizer and proper sun block and let it heal for a while. If after 4 weeks the scabs and the pits still persists then you can consult your treating doctor. Hope it helps. 

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Fraxel and Peeling

Fraxel is a fabulous laser to remove pigmentation and sun spots, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.  Typically patients peel on day 3 to 5.  If you are concerned about scarring I would return immediately to your treating physician for examination.  Please keep us posted.  Best, Dr. Green

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