My cornea thickness is 457 both eyes. Powers R -8.0, CYL -0.75, L -3.0, CYL -1.25. Am I eligible for LASIK RelEx/LASAK/FLAPLESS?

My cornea thickness is 457 in right eye and 458 in left eye. My Powers: Right SPH -8.0, CYL -0.75, Left SPH -3.0, CYL -1.25. Am I eligible for relex/LASAK/Flapless surgery? Which is the best option of refractive surgery for me? I am very much concerned about stromal bed. I don't want a surgery at a risk of my eyes strength and corneal instability. My cornea topography monometry all other results are normal. Eye health is good. No other complications.

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LASIK vs PRK, thin corneas

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It is likely that you are a candidate for a "surface " procedure ONLY,  the determining factor being the cornea topography,  which I would be happy to review. PRK is the most common no-flap procedure. LASEK is a slight variation of PRK that only increases the recovery time. 


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I don't think your corneas are thick enough for lasik. It would leave them too thin and weak. There is a surgery called ICL's that you should look into. It leaves the corneas alone and an implant is placed over your natural lens in the eye. 

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