How much does Kybella cost per treatment and how many treatments? (photos)

I want to know generally how many treatments and how much does each treatment run? how long before you finally are done, the swelling it done and your back looking better then new?

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Kybella costs

Thanks for the question.  Hard to tell based on these photos if you are a good candidate.  The cost varies based on area of the country and experience.  I would say an average is $1500 per treatment.  Most people need 2 treatments, and sometimes 3-4.  Good Luck

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Kybella cost

Kybella is an amazing new treatment unlike any other that helps dissolve fat in the injected areas. It's fast, safe, effective, and is permanent (as long as you don't gain a lot of weight)! Not toomany treatments can make that claim! I was one of the first doctors in my area to offer the treatment when it became available in the Fall of 2015.

Regarding efficacy, there is no question that this treatment works. Deoxycolic acid is made in the gall bladder and is something your body secretes every day to digest the fat you eat. This chemical has been isolated and can now be injected into pockets of fat to dissolve them.

As wonderful as it is, it does have some side effects. First, the is some pain associated with the injections, usually 4-7 on a scale of 1-10, starting within a few minutes of the injections. I typically have patients ice immediately afterwards which helps tremendously. Alternatively, I can inject lidocaine in those areas which eliminates the pain but increases the second side effect which is swelling.

Swelling is usually highest with the first treatment because the amount of fat being treated is the greatest. The more fat you have, the greater the swelling. It peaks at 24 hours and usually persists for up to 4 days. Temporary numbness and tenderness has also been reported though this has not been an issue with any of my patients.

A month after the procedure, you will notice a definite reduction in fat and tightening of the skin in the treated area. That continues to improve over 3-6 months. I generally recommend one treatment a month for a total of 3-6 treatments for maximum results, depending on the amount of fat you're starting with. Most patients will start with 3 treatments after which we assess the results together to decide if further treatments are needed. 

Cost is dependent on the amount of fat in the treated area as well as the total number of treatments being performed. Most of my patients will spend $1200-$1800 per treatment and we offer a 20% discount for a package of 3 treatments. This procedure has a very high satisfaction rate!

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Kybella costs

The cost for Kybella is really going to depend on the size of the area being treated. Most surgeons charge by the vial. Most people require at least 2 vials per session and it take 2-4 sessions for your final results. However, the results are permanent. 


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How much does Kybella cost per treatment and how many treatments?

Hello debra20016,

The treatments usually run around 1200-1800 dollars depending on how many vials are used.  For most people it is two vials.  It takes at least 2 treatments and sometimes up to 4.  Each treatment is spaced about 6 weeks apart.  The first few days you swell up quite a bit.  It goes back to about your baseline at one week.  You will start noticing an improvement after your second treatment.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

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Treatment to completion

The cost per treatment is really going to vary, depending on how much submental fat needs to be treated.  This can be very frustrating for the patient, since pricing can seem uncertain.  

In order to alleviate the uncertainty, we offer "treatment to completion."  This means that you can have a combination of kybella, coolsculpting, subcutaneous profound treatments for a set price.  The pricing is tiered, depending on whether the fullness is mild, moderate, or severe.  

A consultation is the best way to get more accurate pricing for your particular situation. 

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Kybella Treatments

In my experience, the best Kybella results are achieved when 2-3 treatments are performed about 6 to 7 weeks apart for moderate-severe submental fullness.  If treating a mild case, Kybella treatments may be effective in 1-2 treatments.  Treatments should be spaced 6 weeks apart.  Price can range from $1200-2400 for a treatment package.  The number of anticipated treatments needed is determined at your consultation visit.  Kybella is an excellent product that gives beautiful consistent results in properly selected patients.

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Kybella price range

The amount of kybella that is needed for each person is dependent on the size of the treatment area and the amount of fat in that area. I usually recommend treating with two vials at each treatment, but patients with a small area of fat may begin treatment with one vial at a time. The price per vial can range from $500-$750, and most patients require at least two treatment sessions. 

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Kybella (Belkyra)

In general, Kybella (Belkyra) treatment can cost anywhere from $1200-$1500 depending on the amount of product used. Most patients require 2-4 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart for optimal results. A consultation with a physician in your area would be a good starting point. All the best. 

Samuel Hetz, MSc, MD
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Kybella fee depends not only on what you need, but also on your provider

Hi and thank you for your question. I can only speak for what I have seen here in NYC.  Initially as Kybella was introduced into the market, it was seen very much as Botox or Juvederm where "20 Units" or "1 tube" was a "typical" amount used in a treatment. It has quickly become apparent that everyone is quite different, and that the treatment not only had to be tailored to the amount of fat targeted under the chin, but also the size of the area. Via experience in treating many patients in my practice, my philosophy has been refined to the following, the number of vials is determined by the actual area being treated (i.e. a man with a large neck vs. a woman with a small neck), and the number of treatments (or visits), is determined by the amount of fat that needs to be removed (same size patient, but one has more fat than the other). As treatment has evolved it has become apparent, at least to me, that a total treatment fee is a more fair way for patients to approach this procedure. We are not looking for a "let's see what might work" approach, but rather for definitive results. In the studies done by Allergan, the maker of Kybella, the typical patient required between 2-4 treatments, with a few needing as little as 1, but some as many as 6. In my experience, I have seen that most men will require 2-3 visits, typically a total of 7-10 vials, while most women will also require 2-3 visits and 6-8 vials. So, if you have a large man and a small woman both needing 2 visits, the actual number of vials will be different, and in turn so will the cost. It would not be atypical for the cost of full treatment on a woman to be around $3600-$4200, while for a man it can be be $4000-$5000. If you are trying to do treatment with less vials and sessions than needed to save money, the result will likely not be satisfactory. 

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How much does kybella cost and how many treatments.

Kybella costs vary depending on the amount of fat present in your neck and the size of your neck. It usually requires 2 vials and 2 treatments for most people at $1200 a treatment. But the fat is gone and does not need to be repeated. A very full neck may require more vials or more treatments.

The swelling lasts about 4 days, and the "funny feeling" in your neck that tells you it is working usually lasts about 4-6 weeks. Tightening usually occurs during the latter stages of that time period.

Rick Rosen, MD
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