Non-Surgical BBL? Via fat transfer? How?

Simon Ourian MD has a video on Instagram advertising a "No Scalpel" BBL. He states that it can be done via fat transfer or FDA approved dermal fillers. He says no anesthesia, no cutting. The video shows him injecting huge needles into the buttucks. The description says "Autologous (from your own body) HD fat transfer, or injection of dermal fillers" is how it's done. My question is how? Is this new? How do you get the fat without surgery? This is the Kardashian Surgeon.

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BBL Is a Surgery, Period

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Thank you very much for your question. It is not the first time a patient has asked this question in my office. First, let's define a Brazilian Butt Lift. A  traditional BBL is when you liposuction the waist and thighs to improve, contour, and enhance the look of the butt (of course, more areas can be liposuctioned for fat harvest). The harvested fat is processed and purified, then transferred into the butt to improve shape and increase size. After it has grafted to your butt, the fat will be permanent, only changing with your own weight fluctuations. This is obviously a surgery and best performed under general anesthesia. 
Dermal fillers are all temporary, some lasting longer than others. None are FDA approved for injection into the butt, only the face. There was a product called Macrolane, which was approved for use in Europe (but it is no longer approved) as a large volume filler for the body, but it never received approval for use in the US. Macrolane is also temporary. Also never receiving approval for use of any kind is silicone (whether oil or gel), which is permanent and can be disfiguring. 
There are longer lasting fillers like Sculptra and Artefill, but they are not approved for specific use in the body/butt. Unfortunately, butt patients coming in who have had these two products injected elsewhere complain of losing lift after 6 months and having more of a "wet diaper" appearance to their butt. It is very difficult to correct some of these problems, if it can be helped at all. Besides not being approved for such use by the FDA, fillers often need repeated treatment to maintain the volume. I believe that over time, their limitations will make them less popular for body enhancement.
I recommend that you consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who can offer you various options and one that will suit your needs.Best of luck!

Buttock augmentation

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You can augment your buttock with either your body's own fat or a silicone gluteal implant. Most patients elect to have a fat transfer since the result looks and feels more natural. The only way to add fat to your own buttock is to harvest the fat from other areas of your body- by way of liposuction. There are no FDA approved fillers specifically for the buttock.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate.
Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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