How to Find Best Juvederm Injector in my Area?

From reading so many reviews, it appears the success of Juvederm injections for nasolabial lines is practitioner-dependent. How do I find the "best" in my area?

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Juvederm professional

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The best way to locate a physician who is highly skilled in using injectable fillers like Juvederm and Restylane is by patient referrals and testimonials. Personally I have done many of the make up artists and sales associates in the make up departments of your high end department stores and most of the lovely ladies behind the counters should be able to refer you to a good board certified physician in your area. They see a lot of women and usually have good references in that regard. Best regards!

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Finding a doctor to perform Juvederm

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Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid facial filler with a very high safety profile. Patients undergoing treatment should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is familiar with advanced dermal filler technique. Locate a physician by reading physician testimonials and reviews. Always search for a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Juvederm Injector...How to Find the Best

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Hi Jorie,

The best way to find a good physician injector of fillers is to speak to people whom you think look good. A high percentage of women over 45 whom you think look really good, have either had injections, or know someone who is good. Hair stylists and high end department store cosmetic clerks are also good sources.

You can call Allergan (Juvederm manufacturer) to find out whom the local rep likes as an injector.

Once you arrive at the office, check out the staff. They should look good as we usually take care of our employees as they are the "face" of our practice.

Take your time in choosing the right physician injector and you will look good for a lifetime. Be well.

Dr. P

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Juvederm professional

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The best way to find someone who is good at injecting Juvederm is to first check their credentials, make sure that they are board certified in core areas of aesthetic procedures( plastic surgery, dermatology, facial plastics, or oculoplastics),and then make sure that friends have been happy with that doctor.

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