Massaging After Juvederm

Can massaging 10 days after a Juvederm injection help with the Tyndall effect? Does massaging increase the rate at which the Juvederm dissolves? I had a small scar injected with very very little amount of Juvederm. The doctor said he used about 1/10 of what was in the vile. Is it possible for me to just massage this small amount of Juvederm completely out? I am most concerned with the bluish tint it caused. I would consider getting the Juvederm dissolved but there was such a small amount injected that I think is too risky to do.

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Massaging area of Juvederm injection

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Massaging of an area injected with Juvederm probably would make the material dissolve faster.  A small amount of hyaluronidase to dissolve the Juvederm would take care of your concern.  If you do nothing, although the bluish discoloration will resolve with time, it could take months.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist

Juvederm and Massage, Tyndall Effect

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Hi Samantha,

In addition to what other physicians have recommended, you can speak to your injecting physician about using a small needle to make a small prick over the area and then massage out the excess Juvederm that is creating the problem.

Do not try this at home yourself.

I usually discourage patients from massaging their filler injections unless their name is Gumby or Pokey.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm Tyndall effect can last a very long time.

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I have personally seen the Tyndall effect from a HA filler last for years. It doesn't undergo the same absorption rate as when the filler is placed at the proper depth. Massage may help and if you want it out then go for it. But honestly it probably won't and using hyaluonidase is perfectly safe.

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