Did the Cosmelan-peel formulation change? Was told it was reason local spa stopped offering Cosmelan peel.

Just called the spa where I got a Cosmelan peel a couple of years ago and was told the spa no longer offers it because the formulation changed and/or some of the ingredients have been flagged by the FDA. Can someone confirm this? Thanks! I'd like to get a second Cosmelan peel but not if the formulation has changed.

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Melasma and hyper pigmentation with Melapeels

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Cosmelan formulations have changed over the years. In our office, we use a combination of Melarase AM and Melarase PM followed by Melapeels to address melasma and hyper pigmentation. 


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Cosmelan Treatment and Formulation

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Due to regulations on hydroquinones the formulation of Cosmelan has changed.  The physician must now have Cosmelan add the Retinoids and hydroquinones into the product and then it is exactly the same as the previous Cosmelan product.  Please consult an expert to have Cosmelan treatment.  Best, Dr. Green

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