Do Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts Work For Stretch Marks?

Does Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts works? Kourtney Kardashian claims this helped her stomach down after her pregnancy. Does this device avoid loose skin from forming or stretch marks that are normally associate with women who had children?

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Do Belly Bands or Compression Belts Prevent Stretch Marks?

A simple answer is NO! There is no known medical compression device that works for stretch marks no matter what Kourtney Kardashian claims. It does not work. You either have stretch marks or you don’t. It’s primarily genetically based.

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Do Compression Tummy Belly Belts Work For Stretch Marks?

As appealing as it sounds none of the compression type belts work for stretch marks nor excessive skin.  There is always some improvement of the abdomen following  pregnancy  so any claims made  attributing this to the compression belt are not valid.   The amount of improvement will depend on a host of factors such as how much weight was gained during the pregnancy, how quickly the weight was gained,  the condition of the abdomen before the pregnancy, genetics, etc.  Stretch marks result from the elastic tissue being torn by rapid skin stretching during  pregnancy and as of today there are no creams, nor compression belts which will reverse this.  If you are not happy with the appearance of your tummy after your pregnancy seek out a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine your options.

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Does the Belly Bandit work for stretch marks?

Post-delivery compression garments may help reduce swelling more quickly and possibly impact the pelvis as your hormones change and ligament flexibilty is altered following pregnancy.  However, to answer your question about stretch marks, if they developed during your pregnancy (or if you have significant loose skin), a compression belt alone is not going to make it better. 

Stretch Marks, Devices, and Creams

Unfortunately there is no external device or topical cream that you can use that will stop stretch marks from forming.  Stretch marks are the result of the tissues in the skin being stressed and pulled causing tears from the inside towards the outside of the skin.  While we do not understand why some people -yes, men get stretch marks too-get stretch marks and others do not, there is evidence of a genetic component to the problem. Since you cannot control your genetics, the best way to decrease your risk of forming them during your pregnancy is to keep your weight gain small and to exercise within the limits that your OB-GYN allows.  After delivery, getting back into an exercise program and diet can also help.  Despite doing everything you can possibly do, you still may form stretch marks and loose skin which  will not respond to all of those products being marketed to vulnerable women seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you make the right choices for you.  Remember, the only one those products you asked about  do anything for are the wallets of those selling them.  Wish you the best.

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Commercial products for correcting post-baby deformities

The products you are questioning are not proven and any attributes of these products are questionable.  If you seek significant and permanent changes exercise and weight loss are the initial goal.  Beyond that, seek the consult of a body specialist: a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Compression tummy belts vs tummy tuck

Unfortunately, external compression belts will not prevent loose skin or stretch marks from forming after pregnancy Exercise and maintaining a proper diet remain the mainstays of a youthful figure.  However, even while following the best exercise and diet program, one may need to consider a tummy tuck and/or liposuction following pregnancy.  

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