Almost 1 month post op after FUE 3500 grafts. Still a lot of redness on the donor area. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello doctors! 23 days ago I had FUE (3500 grafts). My donor area is still very red. Also sometimes it is itching a lot. My doctor told me that this is completely normal and it will take some time to disappear. However, I think that it is unusual. Should I use some ointments which can help me to reduce this redness? Or maybe some other medications? Thanks for your help!

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Redness in donor area 1 month after FUE procedure?

Dear SamWeed,

Thank you for writing in with your question. The short answer is that this is normal. You appear to have fair skin, so the redness is going to persist for a bit of time (up to 2 months in some patients, in my experience).

Also consider that you may have had some shedding from the donor area itself. This phenomenon is called “telogen effluvium” and tends to more commonly occur in younger individuals (e.g.: men under 35 or so). From your picture you appear to be 35 or younger. When 3500 follicles are removed from your donor area, the body must then heal all those wounds, all at once (because they were created all at once). Well, with all that healing comes physiologic changes under the skin. These changes, in some people, can cause telogen effluvium, and thin out the hairs around the sites from which the FUE grafts were removed. This has the obvious effect of making the donor sites more visible. When you combine a mild case of telogen effluvium and extended redness of the donor sites in a man with fair skin, you may run into a look such as the one in the picture you submitted. A tincture of time will help; I would re-evaluate at 6 months. The hair that was shocked out of place due to the procedure should be mostly back by that time, and the redness should have faded by that time. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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You had a big surgery.  3500 FUE grafts is not considered a typical FUE surgery.  If you do the math, 3500 FUE holes are collectively equal the size of a baseball (maybe slightly smaller).  Think about that fact: An open wound or a hole on your head the size of a baseball.  It will take time to heal.  Redness can be normal.  As long as you are following up with your doctor for rechecks and exams, and making sure there is no infection, that is the best course of action.

Jae Pak, MD
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3300 grafts FUE - redness

With a larger FUE case, some redness is expected. 23 days is very, very early from the perspective of wound healing and post op recovery. Be sure to review frequently with your physician to ensure there is no infection and that folliculitis and itching are under control.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Donor area redness 1 months after FUE

Just wait it out and let your hair grow out to cover the redness. Be sure that there is no infection in the donor area, but this is so rare, I would doubt it.

William Rassman, MD
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FUE redness

This is a larger then usual case so the healing will be more risky and prolonged.  You should be ok if you maintain close follow up with your doctor. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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Redness common after large FUE cases

With large cases such as yours, it is expected to have redness for up to 2-3 months after the procedure. Redness is simply a sign of increased blood flow to a given area and, given the large number of grafts you had harvested, it will take several weeks for the body to completely heal all of the wounds. Hope this helps!

Sam Jejurikar, MD

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Almost 1 month post op after FUE 3500 grafts. Still a lot of redness on the donor area. Any suggestions?

Thank you for posting your question. It is normal to have redness 1 month post-procedure. It may also look like you might have had some shock-loss, but this should return and become stronger 3 to 4 months post. Try applying minoxidil if the skin doesn't become irritated. The redness should subside in the coming weeks. 

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There is nothing to worry about. It is normal after the surgery and in some patients the redness persist more than 2 months. You can use an oil free moisturiser and protect your head from the sun. 

Ali Emre Karadeniz, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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Redness in donor area may be a normal postoperative inflammatory response

Redness in the donor area following a FUE procedure may be a normal postoperative inflammatory response, in which case allowing more time may help for this to resolve or it may represent an allergy to something you are a applying topically or, less commonly, an infection. Your next step should be to show the operating surgeon.

Robert M. Bernstein, MD
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Redness and Itchiness post Op

Redness and itchiness is normal post op. Nothing much can be done about the redness, as the skin is healing naturally. You only need to wait a few more months for your skin to heal. Talk to your doctor about the itchiness. He should prescribe medication to help with that. All the best

Ekrem Civas, MD
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