Do I need braces? (Photo)

Hi, i wanted to ask for your advice whether my teeth need braces or not since my dentist said i don't really need it and that i may have some issues if i get them done. I also can't decide whether the problem is the shape of my teeth or of my jaw. Also my wisdom teeth are near a nerve and i don't know if that would be a problem if i decided to get braces. Thank u.

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Do I need braces? (Photo)

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Thanks for your question. Judging by the pictures it seems that there are minimum alignment issues( crowding) . However the teeth do not meet together ( overlap) , maybe there is a tongue trust?

Either way , in the normal occlusion( bite) we would like some overlap between front and bottom teeth in the front not just for esthetics but mostly for function ( been able to chew on food more effectively and efficiently) .

Make sure that you consult an Specialist rather than a general there is a big difference between them in regards to training education and experience!

Best of luck!

Orthodontics will be a good option for you!

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Based on the pictures you send it seems that your teeth don't seem to align properly and there is an "open bite" in the front of your mouth. This can easily be corrected using braces, or invisalign.

I would recommend to you to consult with a qualified dentist that can evaluate your teeth and explain in more detail what options you have.
Best of luck.

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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