I Just Had BBL 1 Week Ago. Can I Drive This Week?

surgery was done Friday. am i able to drive this week? what exercise am i able to do? i have a girls trip planned out next wkend 3 hours away driving, am i able to drive and am i able to drink, dance & tan on beach

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Driving after a Brazilian butt lift

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I advise my patients a very limited sitting protocol after a Brazilian butting possible do not sit on the areas of fat transfer for 3 weeks; pressure applied

tonthe areas of fat transfer may compromise the viability of the fat cells

transfered and can also displace them, forming misshapen buttocks which

is the last thing you want! So please take care of your investment and follow your

doctors advise.  Good luck and enjoy your results !



How Long Until You Can Drive After the Brazilian Butt Lift.....?

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The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has recently gained a great deal of popularity and many docs are starting to perform this procedure.  The recommendations as to what you can do and shouldn't do will vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon.  I have been performing this procedure for about 15 years now and have very strict instructions that I give my patients for them to follow if they want to obtain the best results.    
Patients always look great for the first couple of weeks, no matter who does the surgery for them..... because you are swollen.  But that swelling will go away and sometimes so will the fat cells.  The goal is to make as many of the fat cells live as possible.  If your surgeon can show you Beautiful results at one year from surgery or at the very minimum of 3 months after surgery, then follow their instructions.  If not, then find a different surgeon. 
In answer to your question.... I wouldn't recommend it.

Good Luck

Don't sit for 2 weeks after surgery

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The best person to ask about this is your surgeon, as every surgeon has their own advice. Generally, I recommend that patients don't sit for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Sitting can damage the fat that has been transferred. If you have to sit, do so for very short period of times and alter your position so you don't put too much pressure in one area for too long.

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BBL 1 week, can I drive 3 hrs?

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Caution with any pressure on your buttocks for 2-3 weeks. Limited seating for another 2 weeks. I would not recommend the trip so early. After all this surgey you really want the best results and should speak with your PS about his/ her sitting protocol.

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