As a 49 year old, will braces/Invisalign fix my canted smile? Will braces broaden my smile/palate? (Photo)

Will braces fix my canted smile. I had braces as a teen but my teeth have moved considerably. I have slight skeletal asymmetry (nose, eyes). Will straightening my teeth help stop a receding gum line - the teeth with receding gums seem to be tipping inward?

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Will Braces Fix a Canted Smile?

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Braces alone will NOT correct your canted smile. You have a growth and development problem, i.e. your upper dental arch never fully developed completely. This lack of development will also affect your midface (eyes, nose and cheeks). 

You would need to develop your upper dental arch (and probably the lower arch as well) first and then straighten your teeth with braces. 

WARNING: many orthodontists will tell you that arch development at your age is not possible or is not stable. This is simply NOT true. We do it every single day in our practice with outstanding results in children, teens and adults as well. 

I recommend the DNA appliance which was specifically developed for the adult patient.

Good luck!

DNA Appliance far better choice than Invisalign to orthopedically grow your underdeveloped Maxilla

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You have very narrow arches, the best esthetics, physiology and function will be achieved with orthopedics and pneumopedics or growing your bone and your airway.

You are a perfect candidate for expansion.  I assume you probably have some sleep problems, either snoring, sleep apnea or UARS.

Cosmetically orthopedic growth develops a full wide healthy smile you would never achieve just by moving teeth.

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