I Have Bad Under Eye Wrinkles and I'm Only 19?

(about to turn 20 soon) When I laugh it looks horrible. I don't want botox at my age. Is there anything that won't be too harsh to put under my eyes? This is stressing me out! I eat healthy.. and drink plenty of water. I sleep well too. Why is this happening? Will it get worse as I get older?

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Under eye wrinkles at 19

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It is very unusual for a 19 year old to have under eye wrinkles, I suggest you get an evaluation by a plastic surgeon and they may be able to recommend  a non-invasive treatment if you truly have wrinkles.

Options for under eyes wrinkles excluding Botox

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Hi Ella. It's difficult to make a recommendation for you without seeing exactly what the issue is up close.

There are some young patients that come to us with a facial structure related to genetics wherein they have wrinkles at a young age. Especially the kind you are describing, dynamic wrinkles caused by laughing.

While we would hate to suggest surgery at such a young age, we do not think creams, Retin A, glycolic acid, Microdermabrasion or another skincare regiment or service is going to solve your problem.

As a start, reach out to an experienced dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon in your area and get a couple of opinions for options. Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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See a dermatologist to learn the cause of the wrinkles & appropriate treatment

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Please see a dermatologist. There are so many things that this can be. If your lines are only visible when you laugh or smile significantly, then moisturizers will keep the lines less apparent than if the skin were dry. If the lines are noticeable at rest, then some treatments might be in order. Some people have eczema which often coexists with those patients who have asthma or hay fever. This can make lines in the skin and a dermatologist can prescribe some medication for this condition.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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There is help

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I start all of my patients on Retin-A and a good skin care program. This is the simplest and least costly management.  If after a year the wrinkles are no better than I would recommend a peel or laser resurfacing.  Certain fractional lasers are good at skin tightening and reduction of sun damage.

It is best to post a picture

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It would be best if you post a picture so we can give you more specific advice. However, you may want to look into peels or topical products that can help with wrinkles. Also, start a good skin care regimen. Good luck.

Your under eye wrinkles can be familial

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There are types of familial conditions that will effect eyelid swelling and wrinkles. Most likely you do not have those. If you notice that your eyelids tend to swell frequently you may have blepharochalasia. This can slowly stretch out the eyelids and requires surgery to fix it. However, that is uncommon. Mostly likely your skin is more fair or thin and the wrinkles tend to show more. I agree with Dr. Chens recommendation above, and would add that it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure and use a good sunscren. Also a board certified plastic surgeon can help you in this area as well as a board certified dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon.

Products for under eye wrinkles

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Products that can help include:

1. tretinoin cream or a milder variant containing retinaldehyde or retinol

2. glycolic acid creams

3. antioxidant creams containing for example Idebenone, vitamin C, green tea polyphenols, coffeeberry

4. moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid

I suggest you consult with a board certified dermatologist in your area to discuss prescription and non-prescription options.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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