Back Tightness/pain After Tummy Tuck, What Should I Do?

Why does my back hurt more than my tummy area after a tummy tuck?? I'm 3.5 days post op. What should I do about it? If I stand straight will I tear my sutures inside?I feel like I could stand upright but, not sure if I should.

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Back strain

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The tummy tuck has tightened the abdomen, both skin and muscle,and this causes you to bend forward.  This puts strain on the back and a very common complaint .  it will improve as you stand up strait.  it will take time.  you can use muscle relaxants.  Your doc can advise also

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Back Pain after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question.  Back pain is common after tummy tuck surgery because you are "hunched over" protecting the incision line.  I also recommend the use of a walker to my patients and that helps decrease the strain on the back.  Talk to your surgeon and see if he/she has other recommendations for you.  Things will get easier as time goes on and you are allowed to stand up.  Don't push yourself to stand straight up too soon, that may cause issues with the incision line.  Best Wishes!





Back pain after tummy tuck.

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Your back pain is a common issue. I recommend to my patients to get or rent a walker to use for the first week, and that has helped a lot during the recuperation.

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