I Was Already 2 Months Pregnant when I Did Abdominoplasty. What Side Effects Will I Face?

was already pregnent when i did abdonomoplasty came to knw when i was 4 months preg.coz of irregullr periods.termination was not possible,now im 6months pregnenent what side effects ill face.this is my 4 pregnency after 9 years.will i ll deliver normally or c section

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Pregnant at time of abdominoplasty

Regardless of whether your menstrual periods were irregular, paitents undergoing any surgery with anesthesia should have pregnancy tests. Urine pregnancy testing on the date of surgery is required in my facility and the hospitals at which I practice. Your obstetrician is int he best position to discuss the potential risks of having undergone a lengthy anesthesia while pregnant, as well as the risks implicated in whatever pain medication you took during your recovery. Frankly, the question of whether you will deliver by Caesarean or vaginally is again for the OBGYN to decide and pales in relation to the question of the impact of the anesthesia and medication on your unborn child. I wish you well.

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Tummy tuck while pregnant

It is quite likely that neither you nor your physician was aware of the pregnancy, and that the procedure was appropriate for your abdominal wall at the time of the surgery. As with any pregnancy, the abdominal wall will stretch, and then recover. Many women have pregnancies after a tummy tuck with no adverse effects on the pregnancy, but some will have a relapse of the laxity and may wind up considering a secondary tightening procedure.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Pregnancy and Tummy Tuck

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Tummy tuck surgery is not done on patients who are known to be pregnant for several reasons.  The first reason is the risk of fetal injury or demise related to anesthesia.  The second reason is that the cosmetic results of the tummy tuck will be altered by pregnancy.  The skin and tissue that were tightened by the tummy tuck will be stretched by pregnancy and will not completely return to the tight result obtained from surgery.  In addition, the abdominal wall muscles that were tightened will gradually stretch out as your baby grows.  You should be able to deliver by any method your OBGYN feels is safe for you.  Remember, you can always redo or "touch up" the results of your tummy tuck in the future.  I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy!

Mia E. Skourtis, MD
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