Post Vi Peel spot! Is this normal? (Photo)

I got a vi peel done earlier today and washed it off 4 hours later as instructed. I noticed prior to the peel that the sides of both my eyes were dry/chapped and a lil irritated. As the 4 hrs went by and the peel soaked in more the spots got more noticable and appeard as if they have been stained by the tint of the peel. Is this permanent?! im hoping its just a dry patch thats been stained by the tint of the peel. I put some Aquaphor on both sides so hopefully its gone when I wake up

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Post Vi Peel spot

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It is hard to examine it just by looking at one picture. It does look like a dry patch and using Aquaphor is a good way to go. It is important not to pick it and stay away from sun exposure. After first few days, I would switch to non-comedogenic moisturizer such as Cetaphil that won’t clog pores and still moisturize your skin. The peeling process can take up to two weeks, so you an expect a lot pf dry patches on your face. If your patches get painful and are not healing, I would consult my provider right away. Best of luck!

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