Average Botox Units to Lower Eyebrows for Young Men?

I was recently told that injecting botox will relax eyebrows enough to flatten the high arches and bring them down to a more rested position. as if to lower them. how many would it take to do so? is it more or less than the amount it takes to bring up an arch?

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No magic number

While men typically require higher doses than women, the appropriate Botox for any individual depends on their facial anatomy.  A review that I performed (see link) found evidence that men typically require double the dose of women when treating the frown lines between the eyes.  No study of appropriate forehead Botox dosing has been performed

When using the Botox in men, the eyebrow position is very importance since men have a lower, flatter eyebrow position.  Because of the male eyebrow shape, I inject the male forehead with a flat injection technique to minimizing the feminine eyebrow 'arch'. -Dr. Keaney

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Botox and brows

It is very difficult to answer your question without first viewing photo's or seeing you in person to assess your specific need. Typically, Botox used in the frontalis or forehead helps to relax that muscle. Only when over-injected does it "drop" the brow causing a flattened brow.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Botox is useful for brow shaping in patients

A brow position at the bony orbital rim is acceptable in male patients. To achieve this look, if you perceive your brow arch to undesirable, it to do a generalized treatment of the forehead. This will also smooth the appearance of the forehead in general.

Botox to lower eyebrows

Botox can be used to achieve your desired end result of lowering your eyebrows even in young male patients, especially if the mucles are bulky - around 10-12 untis per side should be enough to give you durable results every 3-6 months.

Using Botox to lower or flatten eyebrows

Yes, Botox can be used to do this and could be offered to someone like you who is requesting such an effect.  We achieve this by relaxing the forehead muscle all across the forehead to essentially cause the lateral eyebrow to descend.  Women on the other hand do not like this look as they are always looking for more arch to the brow.  Talk to your dermatologist to voice your concerns.  That will allow them to place the Botox in the correct locations on your forehead to achieve those results. 

Steven Swengel, MD
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Average number of Botox for young men and eyebrows

It's hard to say for sure because an accurate estimate can only be given with an in-person consultation. If the issue is that you have a high eyebrow arch, and you want only that section  more relaxed, it would probably be somewhere between 5-10 units per side that's needed. In general men have stronger forehead muscles than most women and so more is generally needed.

Botox to lower the eyebrows

Thank you for your question. The arch of the brow is created by the function of the frontalis muscle, which extends across your forehead. The frontalis can be relaxed by treating with Botox, which will flatten and lower your brow. This will remove the arch that you have.

The number of units that it will take to accomplish this is variable, but should range from 8-12 units in most cases. An injector with experience should be able to provide this for you.

Best of luck with your Botox.

Jeff Rockmore

Botox for male eyebrows

Your forehead muscle movement and position of your eyebrows should be assessed by an experienced injector who can determine the dosage required.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Botox dose to lower eyebrows

Men have larger muscles than women and this also applies to facial muscles. The muscle that elevates the eyebrows, called the frontalis, is a fairly broad muscle and 20 units would be a reasonable initial dose. it may have to be adjusted depending on response. A personal consultation with an experienced Botox injector is the best way to determine what your results might be.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Botox Dose (units) in a Young Man

Thank you for this great question. The dosing of Botox is part of the art of this treatment and depends on a variety of factors. These include whether the patient has had Botox before, how large the patient's head/face is, and the strength of the muscles being treated. That said, in general, I use 30 units for glabellar frown lines in a male patient and less (typically 15-20) for the forehead. The danger with forehead treatment is that, with thick or heavy forehead soft tissues, too much Botox can cause the brow to drop. It is always easier to start with a lower dose and add more after you see the result.

Evan Ransom, MD
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