Epicanthoplasty Using Plastic Method?

Hi, does any of you know what is the plastic method used for epicanthoplasty surgery all about? A doctor told me that he is using the plastic method for epi that will not lead to scarring however i have not heard of any plastic method for epi.

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Epicanthoplasty Scar

As every surgery carries risks, every epicanthoplasty also has risks associated,  with a poor scarring being one of them. Both the surgeon and patient need to weigh the benefits and risks before deciding on epicanthoplasty.

The scar may be noticeable for a few months but usually look very satisfactory afterward.

I am sorry but I've never heard epicanthoplasty using "plastic method".


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Scarring in epicanthal fold correction

The inner skin fold correction leaves a small scar. There are cases in which the correction is unavoidable, and in other cases the correction is optional. I find that in the overwhelming number of cases the scar is not very noticeable and worth the small scar. I do not charge to add this procedure to the double eyelid surgery.

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This is a lie made to encourage you to have surgery.

Epicanthal surgery causes scarring in a visible area.  When the scarring is favorable the surgery is considered acceptable.  When the scarring is not favorable, you will be very discouraged by the result.  Certain surgeons proceed with surgery because they feel the risk of unfavorable scarring is acceptable.  I take the opposite view.  I do have patients who feel so strongly about having an inside fold that they are willing to accept the risk.  However, this is not like the scar in the upper eyelid that will be hidden under the upper eyelid fold.  No this scar has to sit visible in the inner corner of the eyelids.  Don't be missed and understand what is being promised.  Ask yourself if you are being dealt with honestly or not. 

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