Is it safe to have thermage or rf done on my face despite having silicone breasts implants?

I am 27 years old and I have a chubby face and a slightly prominent double chin. I am now considering of having an rf treatment or thermage done on my face to tighten it up and have it contoured. However, I am having second thoughts of having this treatment done on my face because I have silicone gel breasts implants. Can I have an rf or thermage done on my face despite having silicone breasts implants? I am worried that it might have an effect on my silicone implants in the long run.

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Thermage and breast implants and safety

Thermage works though a mechanism of radiofreqency heat and is entirely safe.  Your history of breast implants would have no implications on being a candidate for Thermage.  I would also consider having Sculptra for facial contouring as well. 

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RF is safe on the face

Thank you for your question.

RF treatments on the face will not impact your breast implants.

If you have concerns, you can get Ultherapy instead which uses high intensity focused ultrasound.

Dr. Karmanoukian

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