Question regarding Dr. Rassman's study on graft anchoring in HT with reference to his journal article?

If Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Rassman so clearly mentioned in their research articles, that after day 9 there is no risk to the graft, then why can't I tug gently on hair shafts ( NOT CRUSTS, NOT SCABS), just the transplanted hair itself, if they come off easily. Isn't it easier that way than to let dead hair keep hanging on the head for weeks / months, causing folliculitis / foreign body reaction. Regards, Dr. Kiren Kodali

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Our Article on graft anchoring

You could pull out the hair within the grafts after the crusts are off, probably safely, but playing with your hair might damage the skin around it unless you do it microscopically. But more important I would ask why, since the hairs will fall off in a few weeks anyway letting nature take its course. Call me if you have more questions

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Thank you for your question. You can tug on the grafts, however, it is recommended that patients wait for the grafts to take their natural course. While day 9 is an average and a good estimate, it is not a steadfast rule in-place for every patient. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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If you want to tug on your hairs and you feel it is safe based on what you read, there should be no issue.

If you want to tug on your hairs and you feel it is safe based on what you read, there should be no issue.  But is also best to follow your doctor's recommendations.  You don't have to actively tug on your hair.  Transplanted hair generally shed on its own.

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Tug on the hair shaft after hair transplant surgery

It is usually safe to touch and pick on the grafts after the ninth day. However if you are pulling on the hair shafts, some of hairs may still
be attached to the hair follicle so therefore you have to be a bit more careful to not pull them. 

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