Pectoral (pec) implants - style and volume? (photos)

hi can someone please guide me and give me an opinion by telling me what style ( triangle, sqaure, etc) and volume (cc) of implant is needed to achieve the look of the attached pictures pecs shown via pec implants. i am a 60 kilo male with low body fat who wishes to have similar. would appreciate everyones expertise in how to ask for them and make sure ill be satisfied. i also dont know if the pictures shown are all different in size and style. but the following are the pecs i like.

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Pack implants are available in a number of sizes and shapes.

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Depending upon where you want to end up with your procedure the surgeon will choose the volume and shape of the implant to accommodate this. In extraordinary cases custom-made implants can be fashioned.

Size and Shape do matter in pec implant surgery...

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Thank you for your question and the pictures.  If I understand correctly, the 4 pictures you gave us are your "wished pecs".  It would be useful to also have pictures of your chest and some measurements.  

Pec implants must fit in the size of your own chest under your muscles so one must respect your anatomy when choosing size (same applies for ladies wishing a natural breast augmentation).  The good thing is that the thickness is similar for most widths and heights (with only minor differences).

Assuming your body is similar, slim, athletic, narrow and with a long torso, I would recommend the more oval ones, perhaps 270cc (but this would be best determined in office when your surgeon can measure you). 

The problems with the square one is when you move your arms up, the pectoralis also moves up and becomes almost vertical, exposing the "corners" of a square implant (implants become encapsulated and fixated to the ribcage).  This issue is much less important with the oval implants that tend to imitate better the outer edge of the pectoralis muscles.

Hope this helps!

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Dr. Marc DuPere, Aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon

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