Lipo dissolve? Or Clatuu Fat Freezing?

I have managed to lose weight from diet and training. But I have saddlebags on thighs/inner thigh fat. It's my trouble spot. I do not want liposuction as loose skin is just far too big of a risk I already have some loose skin on inner thighs from my weight loss. But I'll be flat chested and have a skeleton face before my thighs slim down! Does anyone know about these two procedures? Which one may be better? I don't want to waste my money on a silly fad that doesn't really work.

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Clatuu Non-surgical fat reduction

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Clatuu usually works and is more certain and controlled than lipo-dissolve. It is also much less expensive than liposuction. Some patients require more than 1 treatment, but more often return for treatment of other areas, which they wouldn't do if it doesnt work.

Hope this helps, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney

Fat freezing?

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Hi Summer

Thank you for your very good question, I myself have been mulling over the same problem as you for a couple of years. A lot of the machines that came out earlier were not that great and had lots of side effects!!

Have a look at the studies that have been done on the various machines. You will get a good idea of their results. If you go to a doctor then ask them to give you hard clinical trial data. Be extremely wary if there isn't anything good!!

We know fat injections with Deoxycholate/Lipostabil/Kybella work but it is slow and steady and a little idiosyncratic i.e. one person can get a great result and another person may see very little with no obvious cause.

I hope that helps.

Kind Regards

Dr Maini

Lipo dissolve does work, but you should consider Sculpsure and possibly Venus Freeze

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Lipodissove, with the likely active ingredient Deoxycholic acid, does work.  I have been performing this procedure for more than 10 years on hundreds of patients with high patient satisfaction.  It can be particularly helpful for the inner and outer thighs.  For most patients, it does not leave behind loose skin as it can produce enough inflammation to produce some skin tightening and generally the loss of fat is not sufficient to leave behind loose skin as with high volume liposuction.  However, you should consider body contouring with Sculpsure.  I have recently added this to my practice and I can suggest the following.  In comparison, Sculpsure is far less painful, safer, lower recovery time and at least similar if not better and more reproducible results.  It also does not leave behind loose skin.  Good luck.

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