How many lbs do 360 silicone implants add?

I had 360 silicone implants put in a few months ago. How much do they weigh? I've put on 3 lbs that I can't seem to drop. I'm wondering how much of it is the actually implants. Thanks!

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Implants aren't heavy

Thanks for your question. Congratulations on your surgery. The 360CC implants should be about  1.5lbs total. Best of Luck!

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How many lbs do 360 silicone implants add?

Thank you for your question.  Your 360 cc breast implants should not account for more than 1-1/2 pounds.  Always follow up with her plastic surgeon for examination and to answer your questions and do not follow Internet advice.

Weight of breast implants

Thanks for your inquiry and excellent question.  The total wight of the two implants is a little over 1 1/2 pounds.  Hope that helps and good luck.  

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