Does metal inside one's body permit for Exilis, Coolsculpting or Vanquish treatments?

I have had a spinal fusion with titanium pedicle screws from L1-S1. I also have a permanent metal retainer in my mouth and want to get rid of a double chin. Will all this metal be a problem for Vanquish, Coolsculpting or Exilis treatments? Which one is recommended if one has metal in their body?

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Flow of energy


As you have some metalwork so close to the spine, I would avoid having any radio frequency treatments i.e. Exilis or Vanquish. Coolsculpting may be an option but you won't be able to tighten the skin. 

Your other options include;
  • Focused ultrasound - a trained practitioner would have to advise you in regards to this and your retainer
  • Fat dissolving injections - this may reduce your double chin without requiring any energy emitting treatment

Hope this helps

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