Nipple Necrosis? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 days ago. 4lbs removed from each breast. Surgeon said the right side was complicated and he had difficulty with the nipple. He injected it with heparin to make it bleed, draw blood to it. It stopped bleeding on POD 3. I'm worried that the nipple is progressing towards necrosis. I called the on call MD, who told me there wasn't anything to do right now...just follow up when the office opens on Tuesday. Do I need to go to an ED? Can this wait? Does it look like necrosis?

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Nipple healing after large breast reduction

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I'm so sorry you're having this issue.  You had a very large breast reduction, which puts you at increased risk for wound healing problems.  It sounds like your surgeon is very involved and handling this appropriately.  There is nothing that an emergency doctor could or would do for this, so such a visit would be unnecessary.  This does appear to be impending areolar necrosis.  Time will show how much of the areola will survive, so patience is key here (and so hard, I know!).   Work with your plastic surgeon, who should guide you through the whole process.This will heal in the end--it will just take a while.Best wishes,Dr. Kavali

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