Ok. I'm 5 days post op bbl, massage drainage in Atlanta?

Ok. I'm 5 days post op bbl. And I feel and see the fluid building up in my stomach and back. It's getting uncomfortable. I've had 3 massages while in Miami, I'm now back home in Atlanta. The massages felt great & a lot of fluid was drained each time. Does anybody know of a place that does them. I need all recommendations PLEASE ! ASAP.

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Massage after Brazilians

I personally do not recommend massage after either liposuction or fat transfer. I explicitly tell my patients to not massage areas treated with the transfer. These are typical concerns patient often have after traveling for cosmetic surgery. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Fluid After BBL

Thank you for your question.
It sounds like you are developing a seroma.  I would call your surgeon in Miami and ask how to proceed.  In general, I tell my patients to AVOID massages soon after surgery, as I want the tissue to scar down and prevent pockets where fluid can accumulate, and then only do massages starting 2-3 weeks out from surgery once the tissues have started to heal adequately (but every doctor has their own protocol).

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