I want a tummy tuck with lipo on my waist and flanks, and breast lift with implants. (Photo)

Theres alot of fat on my upper abdomen that needs to be removed. I heard its not safe to do trunk lipo with a tummy tuck or the skin might die. should i break the surgery up into 2 parts, having breasts and lipo done on upper abs.. then wait for a few months and go in and have tummy tuck and lipo thru my hips and flanks. How long should I wait... and also is that the order I should do it in? age 52 - height 5-9 - weight 208

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I want a tummy tuck with lipo on my waist and flanks, and breast lift with implants.

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You could have the liposuction prior to the tummy tuck if you want a great deal of fat liposuctioned from the upper abdomen.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA..........

Mommy makeover

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Thank you for your questions and photos.  You should discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon what you desire from surgery.  A tummy tuck and breast lift can be done in the same procedure by many doctors.  However, if you want lipo done as well, you would want to have two separate surgeries.

All the best,

Dr. Results
Miami, FL

I want a tummy tuck with lipo on my waist and flanks, and breast lift with implants. (Photo)

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You are indeed a good candidate for both of the procedures you desire : Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Lift with Implants. But for  not to increase your risks and possible complications these procedures  should be divided in too surgical times :

  • Tummy Tuck Plus Lipo ( Lipo as a complement in high back and low back and flanks), and
  • Breast Lift with Implants.
Is always a good advise to lose some weight before surgery for improving your general health and possible results. And it is essential to have high hemoglobin  levels to perform the surgery.

After the first surgery, all you need to undergo the second one is  raise of your hemoglobin levels to a minimum o12 or 13 grams. This takes more or less 2 weeks.

Adolfo Sesto, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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And abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen.

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Very few patients to have and abdominoplasty require subsequent liposuction. I think you would do fine with a mommy makeover including mastopexy liposuction of the waist and an abdominoplasty. I personally do not suction the flaps elevated for and abdominoplasty for the safety reasons you suggest. Nevertheless, subsequent liposuction of the abdomen is seldom necessary.

Mommy Makeover

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You need a complete mommy makeover, you need to start caring up yourself and start to pull up your hemoglobin levels for having safe and healthy surgery!! You need liposuction in waist, tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction in upper and lower back and the brazilian butt lift to complete the barbie process!! good luck!!

Breasts and Tummy Tuck

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Congrads, sounds like an exciting time for you. Based on your photos and in my experience a breast lift with augmentation and a tummy tuck with aggressive flank liposuction can be done safely at the same surgery. In my experience and practice I do reccomend that a second stage be used to address the central abdominal fat if it needs to be liposuction thoroughly. This is a safe approach and it is intended to protect the central skin from necrosis injury or infection and does not increase operative time in an already timely procedure. Most patient don't mind and appreciate the concern especially since at the second stage the abdomen skin is very well healed and can be liposuction as needed. Best wishes and hope this helps. 

What is a Mommy Makeover?

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A tummy tuck is a wonderful procedure to contour the abdomen, hips and into the back. It consists of three main components:

  1. Removal of excess or loose skin
  2. Repair of stretched muscles of the abdominal wall
  3. Removal of subcutaneous fat of the abdomen and hips
Every tummy tuck is individualized to each person, no two tummy tucks are the same. Some people need muscle repair and no skin removal, some with skin and fat removal and no muscle repair. Also, the length and position of the scar varies based on the anatomy of the patient. Here are some examples of names and types of tummy tucks:

  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Tummy tuck with an umbilical float
  • Tummy tuck with a "T" extension
  • Standard tummy tuck
  • Extended tummy tuck
  • Circumferential or belt tummy tuck (also know as a lower body lift)
  • Fleur De Lis tummy tuck
This is a major operation and should only be performed on healthy patients in ideal situations. Child bearing will need to be finished (permanently) as any future pregnancy will ruin the results. Smokers are not invited as smoking damages the blood vessels necessary for proper healing and the cigarette smoke deprives the cells of much needed oxygen to survive.

A major break through in pain control after tummy tucks has occurred recently, the use of Exparel. Exparel is a long acting local anesthetic that is injected into the muscle and skin at the end of the tummy tuck procedure. It lasts 3-4 days and allows the patients to be almost pain free in the immediate post operative period. This allows for less narcotic use, better ambulation, decreases the potential incidence of blood clots in the legs and quicker return to normal activity and work. It also allows for this procedure to be performed as an outpatient in an ambulatory surgery center.

Tummy tucks can also be combined with other procedures such as liposuction, Brazilian Butt lifts, breast implants, breast lifts, breast reductions, arm lifts and thigh lifts. These combination procedures are referred to as the "Mommy Makeover". Of course, mommy makeovers are all customized to each individual and may require just liposuction to the abdomen and not a tummy tuck. The cost and recovery will vary from each combination procedure, there is not a set price for the "Mommy Makeover".

Based on the demographics and photos presented I would recommend the following:  an extended tummy tuck and a breast lift.

Good Luck!

Multiple Procedures

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Hi, thanks for your photos and for your inquiry. I would suggest that you lose weight in order to avoid any complications and in order to achieve better results. It looks that you have intra abdominal fat and that could not be liposuctioned. I suggest to work out 4 to 5 times a week with cardio. Eating healthy 5 to 6 small portions protein based meals would do the trick. Avoid dairy products, gluten and sugar carbs will help a lot. Please make sure that you and your Surgeon are on the same page, and that you discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a nice and safe PS Journey!
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon

Staging of mommy makeover surgery

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Thanks for your question and sharing your photos.  Based on your description and your photos, you can get a good result from mommy makeover.  However, your result can be even better if you can lose some more weight.  I always recommend my patients to be at their stable, goal weight in addition to being medically optimized.  If 208 lb is your stable, goal weight, then you can proceed with breast lift, TT, and liposuction of back and waists.  I do agree on not getting liposuction of upper abdomen at the same time.  When the liposuction of abdomen is done at the same time as the TT, the TT incision will not heal well.  I would stage two surgeries at least 3 months apart.  Please consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to learn about your options.  Best regards.

Timing of breast and body work

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Hi.  There very first thing would recommend is that you lose some weight first because according to your height and weight and pictures you are considered overweight and thus are at greater risk for blood clots to your legs that could travel to your heart and lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism.  Your increase age and lengthy duration of your surgery would also add to your surgical risks for DVT and Pulmonary Embolism.   You will get much better results if you are more within your ideal body weight and your recovery will be much easier.  If you lose more weight, there will also be less fat for you to have to worry about removing with liposuction and thus you will not have to worry about splitting up the liposuction and tummy tuck.  With less fat to have to remove a lot of surgeons are able do some liposuction safely along with the tummy tuck so it does not have to be staged, if the total duration of the procedure is not too lengthy. 

I think that you have enough volume to your breasts to start with.  A lift alone would improve the shape enough that I think you would be happy.  I don't think implants for your case are necessary.  If you can avoid implants then you do not have to deal with the risks of implants and since the procedures won't require as much time to do it may be possible to do it in one setting.

I would recommend consulting with several experienced board certified plastic surgeons to get their opinion prior to making a decision.

Best wishes.

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