Need hair removed from tragus. Should I see a plastic surgeon or ordinary laser hair removal facility? (Photo)

After facelift, doctor did not kill the hair roots when he pulled my facial skin towards the back of my head and attached the skin to the tragus. Now, my tragus is growing beard stubble and my 'beardline' is close to ear and behind it. Where is the best place to go to get the hair growing in the tragus removed? Should I go see a plastic surgeon or visit a good laser removal place? Doctor also left wrinkles in tragus from the surgery stitches.

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Hair Removal After Facelift

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The key is to go to a facility with experience in this particular problem (which is common) and which have the right size head laser pieces (needs small head) and know the best settings. 

Laser hair Removal for Ear Hair

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Laser Hair removal for ear hair works extremely well.  I treat a great deal of patients for laser hair and there are a lot of patients who need it after facial surgery in that area.  I would definitely recommend that you consult a board certified dermatologist to remove this ear hair with the proper laser hair removal machine based on your skin type.

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