Is it possible to have my doctor deliberately deflate my saline implants?

I have developed grade III C.C. In my right implant after 6 years. I believe it is due to pregnancy/mastitis maybe. Anyway, it's uncomfortable and I just don't want implants anymore. Is it possible to have my doctor deliberately deflate them for now? I'm still nursing. Is get them surgically removed within 6 months I just can't stand this hard painful breast anymore! My stats are 300cc under the muscle, low profile, smooth, round allergan. Suggestions???

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Deflation of saline breast implants

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Yes , it is absolutely possible to deflate these implants in the office under local.  The only thing to remember is it is done by puncturing the implants so any warrantee is null and void.  Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon, get a good one on one exam and you can be on your way.  I hope this helps. 

Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Deflation of saline implants

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I would not recommend this as if there are organisms (bacteria and or fungus) in the biofilm, this can lead to a chest wall infections.  I have had to treat women for up to a year with antibiotics and antifungals due to a surgeon sticking a needle in a saline implant.

Susan Kolb, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, But I Would Not Do It!

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Yes, a surgeon could stick you implants with a needle and let them deflate.  But as a plastic surgeon I would not do it, even if I were your surgeon. The reason is that I would not be the one to "cause" a "failed" device.  What if you never come back to get the deflated implants removed and you go through life with a failed device and it starts showing up on your mammograms?  What if your capsular contracture continues, which it probably will, and you end up with a lot of firm lumps in your breast from the wrinkled up and folded implant?  Then every doctor in the future who examines your breasts are going to worry if those lumps are a cancer.  I deflated implant in a loose pocket will have fluid around it and is at risk from being seeded with a bacteria from another area in your body, if you were to get an infection somewhere else.  I have had a patient seed a breast implant pocket a few weeks after a second stage breast reconstruction when she got a sinus infection.  That early implant pocket, with fluid, is more at risk for infection in my view.

If you don't want you implants any longer you should wait and have them removed with an organized surgical plan that would probably include a capsulectomy and possibly a breast lift to re-position your breast tissue.

Be conservative and use standards techniques of care.

Hope this helps,

Gordon Telepun, MD
Decatur, Alabama


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Deflation can be performed however please note that you will need to have the shells removed after you've stopped breastfeeding, and the CC addressed if necessary.

Purposeful saline implant failure

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It can safely be done under strict sterile conditions as others have noted.  If left for long however the capsule around these devices may likely calcify and removal will be more challenging so remove them at your earliest convenience.

R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Saline implants can be deflated in the office.

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Although unusual it is a simple matter to deflating saline implants. This can be done in the office with local anesthesia. The implant can be removed at a later time if desired.

Want my saline implants deflated and out!

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Thank you so much for your question about your breast augmentation.

I am so sorry you are in pain and sorry about the capsular contracture.
Mastitis can definitely cause it

Yes - in the office your surgeon use a needle to draw off the saline in the implant.
Your regular doctor should not try this - experience is needed to do this safely!

Even if all the saline is not removed, the rest leak outthe needle puncture. It is just salt water and safe for you.

Your implants can also be removed later in the office with local anesthesia but if you have a breast lift and anesthesia you will be happier. 

Be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Here’s hoping you find this helpful. Have a great day!

Deflation of saline implants

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There are some situations like yours where it can be beneficial to intentionally rupture and deflate a saline breast implant.  As long as you follow through and remove the deflated implant shells as soon as you stop nursing it should be fine. 

Erik Miles, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Is it possible to have my doctor deliberately deflate my saline implants?

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Yes, it is possible to deflate your implants under local. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon to address this.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Saline implant deflation

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Your thought process is reasonable and insightful.  Yes, they can deflated and then later removed.  Best of luck.

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