Asymmetric Eyes and Jaw? (photo)

I have noticeable asymmetry in my jaw and eyes. My right eye is higher than my left, and my right jaw is longer than my left. I know that everyone has some slight asymmetry but mine is very clear. It's really bothering me and I'm trying to find what's the best way to treat it surgically. My situation is very similar to Katerina Graham, an actress in Vampire Diaries. It appears this problem affects her left side instead of right. Are there any kind of surgeries to fix a face like her/mine?

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Orthognathic surgery is designed to improve deficiencies, correct asymmetry, and provide balance to the face by altering the jaw line and sometimes the chin.  Asymmetry of the jaw could be corrected with osteotomies or implants depending on whether the mandible needs to be shortened or lengthened.  To improve the asymmetry of the mid-face cheek implants or dermal fillers could be used to enhance the cheekbones and provide more balance.  It is also possible that braces may be required before orthognathic surgery to correct any bite misalignment.  I recommend finding a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon and it would be even more beneficial to find a surgeon who is dual board certified in oral maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery.  Once you find a board certified surgeon schedule a consultation to confirm that you are a good candidate for orthognathic surgery and which procedures will help you get the look you want to achieve.

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You really need a  PA ceph, panorex and lateral ceph to help answer your question. I would also consider a cone beam CT to look at the eye and cheek region. This will tell you the problem and how to correct it.

Michael B. Barbick, DMD, MD
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