Had a Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion, Changed Nose, Widened One Side, Smile Also Asymmetrical? (photo)

Hello, I was wondering if I could be guided correctly so that I might make a decision on how to go about the above issue. I had a SARPE a few years ago, which changed one side of nose or even face, more than the other. No one seems to notice this except for me and I wanted to know what kind of options I had. I had broken my nose at age 11 and had a bump on it since then, which I grew to not mind so much over the years, however the widening bothers me at the moment.

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Nasal asymmetry after palatal expansion

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You have a couple of options.  You could either try to correct the problem transorally through the original surgical site and free tissues and place a permanent cinch suture or do a rhinoplasty and address the asymmetry of the alar base.  Both of these may be required.  Donald R. Nunn MD DDS  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

The Asymmetrical Nose

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Even though "Asymmetry" is a normal human condition, excessive right and left differences can be improved with Open Rhinoplasty if your condition is stable.  A thorough consultation complete with standardized photos and cehpalometric studies should be entertained.

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