I Am a 22 Year Old with Long Face Syndrome What Should I Do to Gain Face Width? (photo)

Hello, I have a very thin face due to years of mouth breathing and and just being constantly slack jawed. This has caused my face to look extremely oblong in the last few years I've lost my cheeks, I just have one deep line on both sides of my cheek and I'm just very unhappy about my appearance, I used to think I was somewhat attractive in my late teens but now there's no sign of that. My cheekbones are non-existent. I will be having a upper jaw impaction surgery soon is there anything I can do?

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Long Face Appearance and Treatment

There are several ways to help augment the face to give a wider appearance.  Temporary fillers are effective  for minimal changes,  Facial Implants can give very good results as well.  Orthognathic jaw surgery is very effective in many situations as well.  Seek the advice of a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to help decide what treatment will work for you

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Treatment of Long face syndrome

The short answer for you may be to consider midface and cheek fillers to add volume to your face which would give the illusion of a shorter face. I would do this after your jaw surgery. I would consider temporary fillers first such as restylane, juvederm or radiesse before considering fat augmentation or possibly implants depending upon whether you like the effects or not. Good luck.

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Long Face appearance

It is very difficult to access your face in the submitted photos.  Assuming that you do in face have a long face appearance clinically, you will need a thorough imaging by a maxillofacial surgeon experienced in orthognathic and reconstructive surgery.  He or she can analyze the photos along with a cephalometric radiograph to diagnose your specific issues.  Once completed, an orthodontic consult may be indicated to "decompensate" your dentition and get you ready for surgery.

At this point surgery to correct your issues may involve one or both jaws and possibly removal of your nasal turbinates.  This will allow you to breath normally through your nose as well as correct the "long face " appearance you refer to in your question.

As always research your provider and be sure he or she is board certified in maxillofacial surgery and has extensive experience in orthognathic surgery.

Best of Luck!

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Cheek implants can increase facial width & fullness

Cheek implants would give the illusion of a wider and fuller face.  Cheek implants are inserted through an intraoral incision just above the upper teeth and placed directly over the cheekbone.  They are composed of silastic and come in different sizes and shapes.  The appropriate implant size and shape for patients are determined at consultation with their facial plastic surgeon.  Most patients elect to undergo this procedure under general anesthesia.  Expect 10-14 days of puffiness in the cheek area afterwards.

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Corrective jaw surgery for long face

the only way to treat long face is to have orthognathic surgery on all levels
upper, lower and chin. This way you could balance your face nicely.

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Long Face Syndrome

There are several ways to go. One would be by a camouflage surgery, either temporary (fillers) or permanent ( malar prostheses). The other would be by treating the cause of the problem , that is by enlarging your malar bones with osteotomies to augment your facial width. In some cases a counterclockwise rotation of the maxila and mandible brings excellent aesthetic results, without using any synthetic material in your face. 

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I Am a 22 Year Old with Long Face Syndrome What Should I Do to Gain Face Width?

 Aesthetically speaking, your face does appear rectangular and elongated.  This happens because the cheeks are flat.  Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants for a permanent change or fillers for a temporary one.  Hope this helps.

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