Asian Rhinoplasty: I Think my Silicone Implant is Displaced?

Korean woman who got a nose job 3 years ago to make my bridge higher. My surgeon used a silicone implant. Not sure what "displacement" means, but my implant has shifted upwards. 1) Do I need reconstructive surgery if I still like the way my nose looks? If I don't, is this dangerous for my health? 2) I think the part of my nose bridge towards my forehead flattened when I applied heavy downwards pressure to the top. I bumped my nose & wanted to make sure it was still in place. Is this possible?

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Risk of displacement and migration with silicone nasal implant

Silicone implants can become "displaced" or "migrate", meaning they can move.  The possible danger to your health would be from the risk of extrusion (of the implant thinning your skin to the point of ulcerating through) and the risk of infection.  Signs that this is occurring include redness and tenderness along the nose where the implant is.  Unless either of these is happening, your health is not at imminent risk.  

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Asian Rhinoplasty: I Think my Silicone Implant is Displaced?

 Silicone dorsal implants used during Rhinoplasty, to build up the nasal bridge, can become dislodged or move.  The implant typically doesn't move much at the nasal root (by the corners of the eyes) since it should be placed under the nasal bone periostium at that layer.  If the implant does move at this location, the nasal bones may appear crooked to one side.  Unless there is nasal discharge, redness/tenderness over the implant or increasing pain...all of which indicate an infected implant, there is no risk to one's health by an implant that has shifted position.

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Displaced Silicone Implant

A silicone implant that is mobile may extrude through the skin if it continues to move. It is not dangerous to your health unless it does become infected.

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