Asian double eyelid surgery gone wrong. Should I try a 4th time?

On one of my eyes the crease would not stay but return to its normal shape. The doctor tried to correct it twice, but it did not work either. Now I have to rely on eye glue/tape which leaves me dissatisfied. I have been wondering if I should give it a fourth try. However I am not really convinced given the fact that it did not work out three times before. Also, my eye has gotten very sensitive. Sometimes its red and swollen and on that specific eye I had always chronic ophthalmitis.

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Revision Asian eyelid surgery

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I have had many patients come to me from other clinics after having Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery. It really depends on what technique U used such as incision versus suture technique. Adequate removal of the orbicularis muscle as well as other tissues is required to get good fixation from the subcutaneous tissue and orbicularis to the tarsus and levator tendon below. In any case, your likely going to require an incision technique to reach her goal.

You should see A surgeon who performs Asian eyelid surgery frequently in particular revision cases. I will tell you for mild experience revision cases can in some cases be difficult and require minor modifications over a period of a year or so but these are the worst cases for the most part.

post a photo and maybe I can be of a bit more assistance

Chase Lay, MD
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Options after crease failure

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Were the surgeries incisional or suture method? If they were not incisional with supratarsal fixation, then it may be reasonable to try a revision with this method, as it produces the most durable crease. You may need to seek out someone experienced in this method if your surgeon is not.

However, if you have already had this method during your revisions, then the reason for crease failure could be related to surgical technique such as lack of sufficient debulking of orbicularis and exposure of the levator aponeurosis or inadequate fixation to levator/tarsal plate. In this case you should seek out a surgeon with expertise in this technique and revision surgery.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple revision lid surgery

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The lids are very delicate, and once they become excessively scarred it can lead to very serious complications down the road. That combined with your history of ophthalmitis is very concerning. Without knowing your entire history, a fourth lid surgery sounds like a very high risk proposition. At a minimum you'd want your ophthalmitis completely resolved before considering any additional operations! If you don't already have a ophthalmologist, now is the time.

Robert Kang Kwon, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

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