What causes burns in Liposuction?

I've seen BBL cases where the girls end up with burns. What causes this ? And how can I avoid this from happening to me? I'm not about to spend thousands of dollars to have my body ruined so I want to make sure this can be avoided

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Burns from BBL liposuction

Thank you for your liposuction question.

  • Burns of the skin from liposuction come from using heat-generating machines to melt the fat,
  • The two types are laser and vaser (ultrasonic heat).
  • If fat is removed with any heat generating machine, it kills the fat.
  • Any surgeon doing a BBL this way is too ignorant of surgery to do this procedure.
  • If the surgeon doesn't understand this basic aspect of surgery, s/he is likely to be dangerous to patients.
  • In our area, we had one doctor, not trained in surgery, doing BBL - and 2 patients died.
  • Injecting dead fat into the buttocks will either cause rapid fat absorption or oil cysts that do not absorb.
  • BBL done correctly removes fat without heat at a low pressure. Even then  fat may not survive.
  • Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if you are considering a BBL. Best wishes.

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Burns after Liposuction

Burns are caused when an energy source, either laser or ultrasound, is used with the liposuction. The fact that you have seen this after BBL shows you that untrained physicians attempting many of these cases. A trained plastic surgeon who understands both liposuction and fat grafting did not do these cases. Fat grafting, the essential procedure in BBL, is a very demanding procedure. The fat must be removed in a manner that does not damage the fat cell. It then needs to be washed and processed and then injected in such a way that the fat cells remain alive and grow. Harvesting the fat cannot be done with any method using an energy source as this will kill the cells. In fact, it must be done very carefully with less suction than is usual in order to protect the cells. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who can show you excellent results with the procedure.

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Liposuction Burns

The most common cause of burns in liposuction is the use of energy by a non plastic surgeon not familiar with the proper technique. Find a board certified Plastic surgeon.

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What causes burns in Liposuction?

  I perform hundreds and hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year, and I have not seen a burn.  The burns can be caused by heat sources used to liquefy fat or tighten skin.  If you want to avoid burns, you must avoid these heat sources.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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