How Long Before Spider Veins Disappear With Asclera??

I went in on 3/31 for Asclera injections on my right leg for very small spider veins. Four days later & the veins are still there & now I have red puncture marks.. It looks like the veins might be fading a little, but they havent disappeared like you see on tv, that's for sure... How long does it usually take? I'm wondering if the girl even got it right?

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Spider veins

It usually takes 4-6 weeks for spider veins to go away. Depending on how
much the patient presents with and how dilated the veins were to begin
with, the patient may need more than one session to completely erase all
of the spider veins.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Timely Results with Asclera

Normally you should see results after 2-3 sessions about a month apart.So it can take1-3 months depending on the severity of the issue. Results should last for several years

Mimi Lee, MD
Little Rock General Surgeon

Asclera for spider veins and telangiectasias

As with sclerotherapy with any solution, Asclera effect will take months (3-6 months) for final effect. When used with foam, the veins disappear immediately aas the chemical passes through followed by redness within minutes which persistes and sometimes further darkening. It is imperative that patietns wear compression stockings for at least 3 months and also use some products topically to reduce the hyperpigmentation effect (VenoLucent or Venoquin).

Asclera results can take weeks to months to be seen

Results from Asclera are often not immediate.  That's because the product is a sclerosant that irritates the vessels causing it to fade over time.  Typically while injecting one sees the vessel immediately disappear and then it reddens over the time.  The ultimate fading can take weeks to several months to be realized and often more than one treatment may be required.

Ritu Saini, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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What to expect from Spider Vein Treatment

The spiders veins should instantly disappear for a moment and then turn bright red. The veins often become dark for several days but within a week should be faded.

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon
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Can take a few months

It can take a few months to see the full results after Asclera.  Make sure you go to a very experienced dermatologist to ensure you get the best possible results.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Results after Asclera

With any sclerotherapy procedure to treat spider veins, it can take up to two months to see the full results and resolution of the treated vessel. In the first few weeks after treatment, the spider veins will first begin to fade in color. In the majority of cases, patients also have a feeding vessel connected to the spider veins. Therefore, for optimal correction of the spider vein, "its feeding vein" must be treated too.

Asclera results

The use of any injectable sclerosing agent is very technique driven. The tiny vessel must be penetrated ane the asclera solution carefully injected. we see blanching immediately. Either your veins were to big or poorly injected.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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When Will I See Results with Asclera

The majority of individuals who receive sclerotherapy treatment will have good visual improvement of their spider or reticular veins. However, there is no guarantee that sclerotherapy will be effective in every case. Approximately 10% of patients who undergo sclerotherapy have poor to fair results. (“Poor results” indicating that the veins have not disappeared after six treatments.) In extremely rare cases, the patient’s condition may become worse after sclerotherapy treatment.
The number of treatments needed to clear or improve “spider veins” differs for each person. It can range from one to six, with the average number being three or four. Often 20%-60% improvement can be seen with each treatment.

David J. Myers, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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