Does Lumigan 0.01% act similarly to Latisse 0.03%?

I have high interlocutor pressure in my right eye due to trauma. I've been using Lumigan 0.01% in my right eye only. My lashes are long and dark . I was prescribed Latisse to get nice lashes on my left eye as well. It worked! Latisse is not covered on my insurance. May I substitute Lumigan, which is covered? Can I "stretch/ dilute" my Latisse with Lumigan? Do I need daily use? Are Latisse/Lumigan 0.03% and 0.01% respectively equally effective? Will these work on sparse brows too?

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Lumigan and Latisse

Although Lumigan and Latisse contain the same active ingredient, they contain different concentrations.  And I also understand that Lumigan is covered by insurance while Latisse is not.  This being said, however, it is never a good idea to substitute medications.  Therefore, lumigan should be used t treat your glaucoma while Latisse should be used to help grow your eyelashes.

Lumigan is identical to Latisse.

Although the concentration is different, both products are bimatoprost and both are made by Allergan.  You can use your Lumigan (off label) for your eye lashes on your untreated eye.  Just out a drop in the cap, dip a fine eye liner brush in and apply where you would normally apply eye liner.  I recommend applying in the morning, rather than the evening.

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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Latisse vs. Lumigan

Hi. Latisse and Lumigan both contain bimatoprost. Latisse has a higher concentration of the medication. While Lumigan (as well as the other prostaglandin intraocular pressure drops) commonly causes eyelash and periocular hair growth, they are not actually FDA approved for this use. Latisse is the only medication that has FDA approval for eyelash growth. Many people use Latisse to thicken their eyebrows (often successfully).  It should be noted that Allergan's clinical trial involving a prostaglandin (like Latisse) for hair loss did not meet its primary goal. I would not try to dilute, stretch, or mix lumigan and Latisse. Hope this helps. Best regards, Ira Vidor, M.D.

Ira Vidor, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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