Is my face too masculine?

It's difficult to identify what exactly seems off about me to other people. I know that I'm not disfigured and that I should be thankful, but a large part of me feels inadequate because I know that others don't see who I feel that I am on the inside. Aside from being overweight, is there anything correctable about my features? I know that my nose is a little large, but I get the feeling that the proportions of my face are at fault as well. What's off about me?

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Facial feminization

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Thank you for your question Alexandra. Looking feminine encompasses a number of things. Facial features and structure are one component, but skin care, feminine dress, makeup, mannerisms, confidence, etc all play a role.

Your face is quite feminine, so I would start by simply building your confidence whether that is by choosing different people to spend time with or otherwise. Aside from this, I would encourage you to highlight your eyes with some makeup. Your eyes are a very feminine feature of your face, so play that up as much as your can.

As far as surgery goes, the main thing I see is that my eye is drawn to the lower third of your face. I can't tell exactly from one photo, but I think mandible (jaw) contouring to reduce the height and width of your jaw as well as a filler such as Juvederm in your lips would reduce some of the subtle masculine features you are referring to.

Best of luck to you,

Sarah Saxon, MD

Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

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