Am I a candidate for a Hair Transplant as of now or should I wait until I go completely bald and FUE or FUT? (photos)

Age 30. Surely I will be losing more hair in future .. so is now the right time to take care of the crown thinning or wait? And if I get it done now, can we have another surgery in future? if that's the case, is fue or fut better for now? And how the depending on the pictures below how many follicles will be needed? (is one follicle one hair from donor area? .. or how many grafts and difference b/w grafts and follicles) I've used minoxidil but I see no difference.

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At your stage I would probably recommend waiting a bit longer before getting a transplant- you don't have much hair loss by the looks of it. You can look into other options to help prevent hair loss if Minoxidil hasn't been making a difference for you, talk to a doctor about which options would fit your case best though because it's impossible to make a full recommendation just with some pictures.

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Time To Get Hair

If you are considering Hair Transplant surgery you'll want to do so sooner than later. As time goes on you will have more loss and need more grafts. You also need to make sure you see a physician that can help you medically manage your hair loss so that you can slow it down and not need many hair transplant procedures down the road. Based on your photos you likely need somewhere around 2,000 grafts to obtain better density. For best results, you'll want to research experienced hair transplant physicians who specialize in hair transplant surgery. There are many different techniques and the key is finding the right one for your case. We recommend getting an FUE or FUT done by hand by a physician that only does one surgery a day, who really takes their time and has plenty of experience. We also recommend considering medical management combined with the procedure that suits you best. PRP Therapy, Rogaine, and Propecia are just some of the examples of medical management that a lot of our patients benefit from.

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Hair transplant surgery is not about "how many grafts" you need, but about how a doctor can match your goals and expectations.

Photos cannot assess if you would be a candidate for surgery.  Usually this involves seeing a doctor in person.  Hair transplant surgery is not about "how many grafts" you need, but about how a doctor can match your goals and expectations.  3000 grafts may not be enough if you have unrealistic goals.

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When to get a hair transplant

I recommend you speak to a hair loss expert sooner rather than later.  Since we are always dealing with a limitation of donor hair with a hair transplant, the sooner you begin a treatment to stop the loss the more hair you will have to accomplish your hair goals.  The answer, when do you get a hair transplant and which kind: When you want to make a cosmetic change then you should consider the transplant.  As a young guy, I strongly encourage you to consider an FUE procedure as it give you more flexibility with hair styles.

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Ar what point hair restoration is recommended?

hair transplant is a cow elective cosmetic procedure. the point at which you consider the procedure is very subjective. If your hair loss is  established and it is bothering you, then hair restoration is a viable option. 

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Do I need surgery now

What you need right now is a comprehensive plan to treat your ongoing hair loss on both the prevention side and the restoration side.  You would benefit now from about 2500 or more grafts of surgery.  I favor FUE since it tends to be better tolerated that FUT in most cases with a shorter recover. 

IN terms of prevention, there is finasteride and minoxidil which you should consider.  However, great research has been done using cellular therapy for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.  I have been researching the use of stem cells and PRP for stabilizing hair loss in men with androgenic alopecia and we can now say that PRP is very beneficial in most cases.  My most common package for patients today is a combination of cellular therapy with transplant and the results are extremely good.  Looking at your case, you seem to be a great candidate for this combination therapy. 

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Crown restoration

As we age, so do our follicles and you should and can expect continuation and progression of your hair loss in your crown.  Regardless, you will need approxaminately 3000 grafts for zone 3-4 restoration.  If you do the procedure now versus later, you would use about 2200 grafts, and would need a procedure of 800 grafts at a future date should hair loss progress. 

You can also wait until further progression of hair loss in your crown occurs, and do a larger 3000 fu procedure at that point.  

Continue with minoxidil, and make sure you are using a good brand, that you are consistent with it on a daily basis.

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Candidate for a Hair Transplant

yes it is now the right time to take care of the crown thinning.because you hav ea lack of density and need hair replacement on vertex .ıf needed you may have another session of HT in future as fast as just 8 months later than first op .  ı asssume that you may have a 2000 grfats  FUE op . FUE is much more advantages compare to FUT : larger coverage , more graft harvesting and more natural look with less detectable surgery with FUE... 

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Don't wait until you're bald, but don't wait to get treated!

You really just have some thinning on the crown.  Finesteride works great for that area and even better when combined with minoxidil.  I think that grafting right now is unwise -- you may want those grafts in the future for the front!  Start the finesteride and see what it does over the course of a year or two before considering surgery. When you want to do surgery, consider FUE over FUT to avoid the scar.  Good luck!

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Crown Thinning in 30 Yr Old Male

As far as medical therapy goes, finasteride is far more effective than minoxidil for regrowing and stabilizing hair loss in the crown area. Both are recommended for crown (vertex) balding. Seeing a well qualified full-time hair restoration surgeon will help you plan a course of action and best treatments, both medical and surgical to improve your hair loss situation. Amount of grafts will depend on your desires as well as skill of your surgeon. There are approximately 2.3 hairs on average in a follicular unit. Extraction method of grafts and graft survival needs to be discussed with the doctor.

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