Antibiotics and Prednisone for Radiesse Problems

I had Radiesse injected on my nasolabial folds four days ago. On the second day, I had a lot of swelling on the left side of my face. On the third day, my upper lip and left side of nose were extremely swollen and smile was a bit crooked. I was in a lot of pain. I called my doctor who had me come in within a few hours.

She ruled out any artery or blood vessel issues, but believed I had an infection and adverse reaction at the sites where Novacaine and Radiesse were injected. She called in another doctor within the practice to review/confirm her opinions. They agreed that I needed to take an antibiotic, prednisone (oral steriod), vicodin (as needed for sleep/pain), antihistamine (which I already take) and another medication for herpes simplex. This last one was because I had unexpected sores on the underside of my upper lip.

On the fourth day, I developed small postules on left hand side near nose and nasolabial fold. They got better (but not gone) in the afternoon. I spoke with the doctor and she believes it's an infection that will be resolved with the antibiotic that I'm now taking. How long do you think I should take the antibiotics and Prednisone?

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Sounds herpetic


This sounds like an oubreak of herpes. Do you have a history of canker sores? The most important medication for you to take would be the antiviral (herpes medicine). It may take a week or more of treatment before the outbreak subsides. Keep close follow up with your doctor and heed her instructions as to when you may discontinue your medications. Good luck!

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