I want Kylie Jenners lips! How many syringes do you think she has?

I just had one syringe of restalyne injected last week. My lips don't even look any different. Can you tell me how many more syringes it would take to reach a similar fullness of Kylie Jenner?

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Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation with fillers requires significant injection skill. Sometimes it can take more than on syringe of a filler spaced apart by a week or two. However, everyone has a unique shape to their lips that cannot be changed with injectable fillers. If your lips do not have the same shape as Kyle Jenners then you will never achieve the look she has. Lip fillers can only enhance what you already have.



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I want Kylie Jenner's lips!

You need to be really careful here. First, you don't have the same shape of the lips as she does. So it will not be possible to replicate her look in the exact same way. Second, putting LOTS of syringes in all at once can be dangerous and can lead to artery blockage which can make your lips get necrosis and have tissue death. So she did, most likely, have a lot of this because of genetics, and second MAY have have some fillers added, but not at all the same visit.

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I want Kylie Jenners lips! How many syringes do you think she has? (photos)


I would first caution that you should perhaps alter your expectations.
You might be very disappointed if your goal is to have lips like your picture.
Given the anatomy of your lips, I think this very unlikely.
 You can however achieve enhancement of your lips if an experienced physician injector is involved.

Dr. Malouf

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Kylie Jenners Lips -- Try Juvederm Ultra Plus or Perlane, But I Love Restylane Silk

For a larger structured lip try a filler with more substance like Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus.  I suggest cannula injections to limit complications.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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