What is a Permenent Cure for Masseter Hypertrophy?

I have TMJ caused by masseter hypertrophy and for the past several years have been treated using botox, and have recently tried dysport and Xeomen. These treatments are expensive and I have begun to require more frequent treatments along with larger doses in order to treat the problem. I would like the problem solved permanently. Is there a surgical solution to masseter hypertrophy? Radio Frequency? I have had physical therapy for TMJ and do not chew gum, engage in any other bad habits..

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Masseter hypertrophy

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Masseter hypertrophy causing TMJ is not treated the same as prominent jawline problems.  For aesthetic treatments, Botox or similar agents, radiofrequency, or jaw shaving can be done.  When masseter hypertrophy is associated with TMJ, Botox is the best way to go.  RF can reduce the size of the muscle but causing scar contracture which may worsen your TMJ.  Selective nerve resection can be done but usually requires and external incision.  Removing part of the muscle is possible, but you would be need to be committed to jaw physical therapy after.

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Permenent Cure for Masseter Hypertrophy?

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Sounds like you've been doing your research.  The surgical solution for masseter hypertrophy is to cut out a portion of the masseter muscle with or without reduction of any thickened underlying bone.  Yes, there are reports of radiofrequency used to to reduce hypertrophied masseter muscles.  Radio frequency appears to induce coagulation tissue necrosis of the masseter muscle.  If you are interested in radio frequency, you would need to find someone who offers this treatment, which appears to be less invasive.

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Masseter Hypertrophy

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Masseter muscle can be cut surgically to reduce its bulk. However, it is an invasive surgery and despite the surgery your TMJ pain might not get better. You can try TMJ injections and may be a night time muscle relaxant.


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Permanent treatment for masseter hypertrophy

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I am not aware of any permanent cure for masseter hypertrophy, other than stopping any habits that might be the cause of it.  If you haven't already, I would recommend seeing an oral surgeon to see if there might be any options for you.  

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