Open vs Endoscopic Brow lift. Any suggestions?

Which method can raise the brow by around 6mm? I really don't want to go through an open brow lift since it just seems too invasive and I'm only in my early twenties. Can the endoscopic approach lift the brow by 6-7mm or more? My hairline does not need lowering, but I don't want it raised either. My brows are really low because of genetics. Which method is the best?

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Endoscopic versus open brow lift

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I have been doing brow lifts in my practice for 30 years. My current work horse brow lift is the endoscopic brow lift. The elevation that you are looking for  is easily achieved with endoscopic lift Fixation with this procedure is very simple using bone tunnels and suture. There are no Frankenstein screws or bolts in your head  as there were in the beginning of this procedure . The only time I do an open Brow lift anymore is when someone has a  high hairline  In that case they get a hairline browlift because the slight elevation that comes with endoscopic lift would be magnified in someone with a high forehead  . Your best option is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who has considerable experience in facial surgery. He can discuss his experience and all of the options after doing a thorough physical exam. Best of luck to you 

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Open vs Endoscopic Brow lift. Any suggestions?

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 Hi, I have performed many Brow Lifts over the past 30 years.  Non smiling photos of your face would help evaluate the eyebrow position.  If the eyebrows are significantly low, compared to the desired aesthetic position, an open (Coronal Brow Lift) remains the "gold standard" by which all other brow lifting techniques are measured.  The issue with an endoscopic brow lift is that it requires some method of tissues suspension (hooks, screws, sutures or threads) and while one point of fixation can be achieved using the bone of the skull, the brow tissues are much softer allowing any suspension technique to ultimately pull through which will release the lifting effects.  The Coronal Brow Lift, on the other hand, trims excess, loose scalp created by the lifting process which holds the brows in the elevated, lifted position.
Hope this helps.

Methods of Browlift-what is best for you

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Thanks for posting your question!
All browlifting methods provide different results and benefits. Finding a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon who can give you a recommendation to get the best results for you is imperative. Open browlift (or pre hairline) is advantageous in patients who have a long forehead or a very curvaceous forehead. Endoscopic browlift does slightly raise the hairline but can raise the brows fairly impressively. 
Different surgeons may recommend different approaches. This usually corresponds to what works best in their hands for your particular needs. Have a frank discussion with the surgeon about your particular concerns and the method used.
Best wishes!!

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You answered your own question

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because if you don't want potentially visible scars, then the endoscopic is your only choice.  BUT its odd you say you need this being in your early 20's... a photo would have allowed responders to be more objective and without a photo, my recommendation is NOT to have anything done yet as you will have plenty of years ahead in front of you when you can reconsider this.

Choice of Browlift

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Thanks for your good question.  I personally lean to the use of prehairline "irregularly irregular" incisions for most patients since the incisions are nearly always very hard to see and this is the only approach that avoids elevation of the hairline.  Both laparoscopic and coronal incisions raise your hairline as they raise your brows.  The other benefit for you to consider about the "open" browlift is that the results are usually permanent.  I would ask doctors recommending laparoscopic surgery if there results are long lasting (I've heard some say 3 years but you need to find out).  I believe the removal of excess skin from either "open" approach provides a likelihood that the procedure will not need to be repeated.Of course the choice in the end is yours so do your research and meet several doctors and review their photos.  Best wishes and good luck.
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Dear Liana321, Personally in younger patients I prefer to perform an endoscopic browlift which helps elevate the brows and open up the eyes with no tell tale signs of surgery. The small incisions are placed in the hairline and using an endoscope the facial tissues are lifted away from their attachments. The entire facial unit of skin, muscle and soft tissue is then lifted upward and laterally providing a very youthful and natural appearance. This is a very rewarding procedure that all of my female staff members have had performed due to it's high level of satisfaction with minimal downtime and discomfort. There are many examples in the link below and video above to show you this does not markedly alter the hairline as no skin is removed. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Coronal versus endoscopic browlift

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  A full set of photographs are required to make a determination about  an eyebrow lift procedure. There are many parameters that factor into making a judgment about a brow lift procedure, and these include  the level of the eyebrows, the asymmetry of the eyebrows, the  muscle dynamics the frontalis and corrugator muscles, the forehead wrinkles, and the status of the current hairline being either too high or too low. When performing a brow lift, the hairline will shift upwards unless a pretrichial incision is performed. For many examples and more information about coronal versus endoscopic browlift, please see the link and the video below

Things to consider in brow lift. Open vs. Endoscopic

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Brow lift or forehead lift is a procedure that changes the position of the eyebrows and may also smooth the wrinkles on the forehead. There are a number of effective techniques available to treat the brows/forehead area. When selecting the appropriate technique, your surgeon will need your input regarding your preferences.1. Hairline - lifting the brows significantly may alter the hairline. Long foreheads or receding hairlines will be amplified.2. Scar - hiding the scars can be performed in a few different ways: endoscopic (small cuts with tunnels) and trichophytic (placing the cuts at the hairline oriented to have hair follicles grow through the incision).
I would have a formal consultation to discuss what options are available. Based on your examination and preferences, your surgeon can suggest the technique best suited for you. They will discuss the particular risks regarding that specific technique, so you can make an informed decision. Safety comes first. 

Brow lift without raising or lowering the hairline?

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Brow lift without raising or lowering the hairline? This is best done with the Irregular Trichophytjc Forehead Lift we developed 35 years ago. The hair will grow thru the incision and the scar will not be seen.An endoscopic brow lift will raise your hairline, Off work 1 week.

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Open vs. endoscopic

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Liana - good question.  when you say "open", realize that there is more than one "open" technique.  most people often think of the coronal browlift, but there are direct, tricophytics, lateral brow, mid brow, etc.  an endoscopic brow lift is great, however, it can raise your hairline a little.  In cases where you do not want the hair line raised, there are different modifications you can do to the endoscopic technique to help keep that shift to a minimum - e.g. a tricophytic assist to an endoscopic brow is a common technique for that purpose.  You certainly can get about 5-7mm elevation with an endoscopic brow.  That being said, you mention you are in your early twenties.  have you tried a chemical browlift with botox/dysport? it is not permanent, and may give you the elevation you want or need.  it will not get you as much as 6mm, but it is something to think about prior to jumping into the deep end of the surgical pool.  You may just want to get in and get it done, and if thats the case - well great! however, not everyone is there.  and you should know of all the options available to you. All this can be discussed during your consultation with your PS.  hopefully this has given you some background info that you can use during your talks.  best of luck!

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