I am getting a sublative treatment tomorrow. Do I have to wait at least 3 months in between treatments?

I see posts of others getting this treatment every 4-6 weeks. Will my treatments be as effective at 3 months apart?

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Frequency of Sublative Treatments

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Sublative is also known as eMatrix.  It uses fractionated radiofrequency to improve the skin.  Typically, treatments can be performed at 3-6 week intervals.

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EMatrix and Timing

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eMatrix is a fantastic laser for acne scars and wrinkles.  I generally have patients return once a month for treatment and avoid sun during this process.  There is no need to wait 3 months in between treatments.  For the bet cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with eMatrix.

Timing is everything for eMatrix treatments ! Buffalo Niagara, NY

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The regimen that we utilize in our offices is one treatment every month for a total of three treatments. 

We recommend eMatrix for all types of scars but it seems to work best for superficial scars like icepick scars, rolling scars and boxed scars ... 

Ematrix lasers in Santa Monica

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Our office specializes in Ematrix treatments in Los Angeles. We usually space the treatments one month apart, combined with Retinoids and Melarase creams for skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Karamanoukian

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4-8 weeks recommended

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I think 3 months between treatments, in my opinion maybe a little too long. In theory, the time frame is safe, and collagen stimulation still occurs at this stage, but practically, if you are undertaking 4 treatment, your programe may not be completed for upto 1 year!

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Dr Davin Lim 
Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane , Australia

Times between treatments for sublative RF treatments

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Sublative treatments create tiny pin pricks beneath the skin that fill with new collagen. The reason you wait a few weeks between treatments is so that these pin pricks can fill in. If you do them too soon in between your body won't be able to make the collagen and that is the point. I usually recommend about a month in between treatments. 3 months is excessive.

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