Is there any way to treat a cannula track mark left on jawline/face after liposuction?

After liposuction for a double chin, it looks like I have a cannula track mark that comes from under the chin, across the jawline, and on to my face in the jowl area. It is slightly discolored and depressed and makes the contour of my jawline asymmetric to the other side. Anything that could correct or improve this? Could fat injections fill in the depression, or do you think the risk of more asymmetry from a possible fat bulge would be too high?

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Track mark from liposuction

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There are so many variations on this--from it will go away on its own to you need to have revisional surgery. Go back and talk to your surgeon. This really needs an exam. Pay attention to what your surgeon says and don't get any ideas about miracle creams off the internet. I had someone put some strange "cream" on once that ate through their skin and into the underlying fat. What a mess. 

Track marks or streaking after liposuction

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The timing of when your surgery was done has much to do with the level of concern and potential need for treatment.

If you're well-heeled and your results are final then a discussion of potential treatment options could be in order.

If you're still in the early recovery then you need to wait since this may resolve itself without needing any intervention.

If your results are final than fat  transfer may be one option.
Another option could be temporary fillers. Some fillers such as Radiesse last for a long time and can be much more precise and predictable than fat transfer.

There's nothing you can do without some form of intervention to alter the final outcome.

without an examination it's not possible to give an accurate assessment or recommendation.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Track mark after liposuction

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Sorry to find out you're dealing with this.  Track marks or contour irregularities are well known possible resulting features of liposuction.  They can be especially noticeable in areas of thin skin where small volume differences are very noticeable, such as the face.  Not sure, from your description, what the "discoloration" is due to.  If your procedure was recent, it is more likely than not the discoloration will fade.  Unfortunately, the "depressed" or "asymmetric" features likely will not improve with time only.  It is very possible for targeted fat grafting to fix the areas you're concerned with.  However, this has to be done very carefully and judiciously.  It may also be possible that additional liposuction to the surrounding areas will improve the contour.  My suggestion is you give your treating plastic surgeon the benefit of examining you again for the sake of recommending the best treatment options.  Best of luck to you.

Pedro Vieira, MD
East Brunswick General Surgeon

Cannula Track Mark post Liposuction

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Thanks for your question. It is possible to correct this by going around the tract and release the tissues.Sometimes, you also have to do a little bit of fat grafting to the area.These can work really well to help fix this issue.I hope this helps.

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