Is it Possible to Get a Rash From Vi Peel? (photo)

I got a Vi Peel done yesterday around 12 pm, everything was going well until today around 4 pm when my face started getting itchy when I looked in the mirror my face was developing a rash. Could be an allergic reaction to the peel? Before 4pm I got a massage, I was wondering if by laying face down that could have had cause the rash? the MT used aromatherapy oil of mint and rosemary on the face rest cover, it burned when I placed my face on it. As soon as I saw the rash I applied hydrocortisone.

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Vi Peel and Healing

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It is very difficult to assess from the picture, but most likely you are starting to react to the Vi Peel.  Typically, one starts to see erythema (pinkness of the skin), peeling and dryness in the first few days after the peel.  The worst days for the these skin changes are usually days 3 to 5 after the peel.  With these skin changes (which are an expected and good response to the peel), one can also feel itching, burning, and/or stinging. I do not think this is an allergic reaction to the peel or anything that was done during your massage therapy. I typically review with my patients what to expect after every peel and the skincare regimen that I would like them to follow for the first week or so after the peel. The Vi Peel also comes with a post-peel kit which your doctor should have given to you.  If you are concerned, I recommend you follow up with the physician that did the peel. 

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